When some content is uploaded to a shared website hosting account or downloaded from it, some web site traffic is produced and that is a characteristic that every single hosting plan has. It's moreover among the attributes you have to take a look at, since how much traffic allowance you will need depends upon what you need the account for. The website traffic is mainly generated by downloads which includes website visits. Basically, when somebody goes to your web site, the webpages are downloaded from the server on their computer system and they are subsequently displayed by their web browser. It is also important to know that uploads matter too, therefore every time you transfer large files from your computer system to the server, some site traffic is generated too. Different providers can have different names for this particular feature, such as traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, still all of them apply to the same thing - the total amount of incoming and outgoing info created for a period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Shared Website Hosting
The monthly website traffic allowance for all of our shared website hosting packages is enough for any kind of site. If you have a blog, a discussion board or an e-commerce portal, the amount of information will be transferred to and from your account or reaching some low quota limit will never be a reason for your web sites to be unavailable. Furthermore, we offer detailed site traffic stats, so that you will be allowed to monitor the amount of content is being downloaded at all times. The monthly, daily and hourly stats will inform you on how the sites are doing, what type of files generate the most website traffic and a lot more helpful details that can help you take care of the web sites and your account as a whole. The stats can be accessed with just a couple of mouse-clicks from the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our semi-dedicated server packages are intended to host various resource-demanding websites since they feature a great deal of computing power. Such sites constantly generate a lot of web site traffic and for this reason we've decided not to restrict this characteristic. Using a semi-dedicated server, you can have as many visitors as you are able to get without worrying that you will get to a restriction for the site traffic they can generate. To save you time, you will be able to monitor what's going on in the account as we'll supply you with monthly, daily and hourly stats for the website traffic your websites generate. Which means that, you will have an idea of how they function any time. You'll even be able to observe which web page or file has produced most of the traffic for each website in your semi-dedicated server account.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Hosting
With a dedicated server, you'll have a very powerful web hosting system at your disposal and the traffic quota that you will get matches the rest of the features. The server can produce terabytes of traffic every month, so that regardless of the kind or number of sites that you host, you will never have to worry for them being not available because of inadequate site traffic. To be on the safe side though, we will give you the opportunity to update this feature if needed. We'll inform you in advance if you get close to the restriction, so that you will have the option to upgrade or decrease your website traffic by optimizing your info to avoid any interruption of the work of your websites. You can monitor the used and remaining website traffic for the current month via the administration panel that we provide. The data there features all incoming & outgoing transfers, including software setups and updates. In contrast, a hosting Control Panel offers more detailed information, however only for the website traffic to and from a web host account, not the server as a whole.