A few years ago, the cPanel Control Panel seemed to be an indisputable leader on the hosting marketplace. Its global recognition grew so large that today cPanel is an analogue of Control Panel. Nevertheless, the cPanel Control Panel has been based on dated ideas and what was very successful a few years ago is just not true now.

That is why, we developed the WebHost-ing.com Control Panel, based on the concepts of these days and geared up for the circumstances of tomorrow. It’s been developed to operate in the cloud, to be intuitive and to also allow you to control all aspects of your online presence: site, domain and billing, all from a single location.

1. Domain name/billing/website tools

The WebHost-ing.com Control Panel will allow you to quickly control all your domain names, e–mail addresses and web sites with a mouse click. This way, you will be able to control all aspects of your online presence from just one location.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you have to log in 2 separate website management tools – an invoicing panel from where you maintain domains and payments and the cPanel Control Panel from which you command your sites.

2. File Structure

Handling various domain names and web sites from one web hosting account should be hassle free. Within the WebHost-ing.com Control Panel, each domain name and subdomain is located in an independent directory and is fully independent from the rest.

Within the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have just one folder for your main web site and all of the other websites are situated inside this directory. This would make maintaining an array of sites from one interface very confusing.

3. File Manager

The WebHost-ing.com File Manager is built to perform exactly like your PC file explorer. With capabilities such as drag & drop file file publishing, right–click navigation menus, zip/unarchive functions, and so forth., it’ll make working with your data files simple and fast. Moreover, you’ll find a built–in WYSIWYG editor as well as a code editor.

The File Manager integrated in the cPanel Control Panel has been upgraded many times over time, nonetheless it still fails to deliver a good experience in comparison to the other online file administration instruments. You can’t employ a drag–n–drop functionality to upload files, the zip/unzip tool can be unreliable at times and the file management user interface is limited in options.

4. Totally free Add–ons

In case you’re searching to get a better value for your money, then the WebHost-ing.com Control Panel is the best solution. It has free add–ons that are calculated to cost you more than $1000. You are able to make use of the Quick Site Installer, App Installer, Framework Installer, Complimentary Web Site Building Instrument and you will have access to a huge collection of complimentary layout templates.

Each individual web hosting provider delivering cPanel decides on its own exactly what free–of–charge extras to to use in your cloud hosting package. And since cPanel is a paid Control Panel, the zero–cost bonus tools must also be paid by the hosting company. This will undoubtedly boost the value of your hosting package, so the zero–cost bonus tools featured in your plan will in fact be paid for.

5. Control Panel Tool Speeds of Operation

We have enhanced our Control Panel to operate perfectly on our software and hardware only. This will make it considerably faster than many other site management tools. We’ve also configured it to

implement the full capacity of your Internet connection – the faster your web connection is, the faster our website management solution will be performing.

cPanel is still performing on a system from 2000’s and will certainly be slow at times. The cPanel team of developers has made a significant step with the launch of cPanel accelerated. Then again, in evaluation tests, widespread web site management functions typically present superior outcomes with alternative Control Panel tools.

6. Multi–domain name Administration

The WebHost-ing.com Control Panel will let you conveniently control various web sites as well as their domain names from a single place. Each individual site is going to have its very own unique directory in the main directory of your account and will be entirely independent from the rest. That way, you may utilize just one hosting account to control as many domains and web sites as you need.

The cPanel Control Panel helps keep different elements separate – you’ll need to handle your domains from one location and your web sites from a separate one. Each individual site has its own Control Panel. Maintaining many different sites from a single Control Panel is also possible, but could also be rather confusing simply because all of the added domains will be held in the directory of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Menu

In the WebHost-ing.com Control Panel, you will be presented with the most up–to–date reports for your sites and with quick access icons to the key sections. Additionally, you’ll be able to browse within the Control Panel, thanks to WebHost-ing.com’s top navigation bar, which has instant access to all offered menus.

In the cPanel Control Panel, the home page is the only location that includes links to the different areas. If you go into a menu and want to quickly switch to a different one, you will have to return to the main page and navigate from there. This sort of navigation could certainly slow your projects when you need to instantly perform a few operations simultaneously.

8. Test Accounts

The WebHost-ing.com Control Panel comes with a full–featured demo that provides nearly every menu and capability it has. You can start creating a website, add applications, make emails, etc. This way, you can get a much more all–embracing perception of its user interface and features prior to signing up.

From the demo account of the cPanel Control Panel, you’re able to solely become familiar with look of its user interface. Almost all capabilities are inactive and you also cannot in reality get past the main page. With a lot of hosting suppliers, you will be given entry to a plain cPanel demo account, and will not be able to experience the Control Panel you’ll in fact be utilizing to control your sites if you enroll.

Instead of just learning about the WebHost-ing.com Web Site Control Panel, you can simply consider the Live Demo and find out for yourself how easy website management could possibly be.

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